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Application Process

Application materials must be submitted ONLINE.

Please follow the steps below after you have reviewed our MFA Program information and FAQ pages.

Applications are accepted for Fall entry only.



The application season for Fall 2019 admission is CLOSED.

Applications for Fall 2020 admission
will be accepted from

October 1, 2019,
December 15, 2019.

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You need not have been an English major as an undergraduate, but you should be familiar enough with English and American literature to satisfactorily complete graduate literature courses.

Foreign language requirement—None.

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)—not required.


  • You will need to complete the online Graduate Admissions Application for the University of Oregon Creative Writing Program. (A link to the form is available at the bottom of “What You’ll Need…” page).
  • A non-refundable fee is collected by the Office of Admissions for the Graduate Admissions Application. (A limited number of fee waivers for qualifying applicants are available through the Graduate School. The request for such waiver is included in the online application.) See Graduate School – App Fee for details.
  • Please retain your login credentials (username and password) in a safe place for reference during the season.¹



  • Single genre applicant: select Fiction or Poetry.
  • Concurrent genre applicant (applying to both):
    • Submit two complete and separate online applications (including recommendation letters)—one for each genre.
    • Obtain a fee bypass for the second application by answering “Yes” to item 2 (“Have you already submitted a UO graduate admission application and paid the graduate application fee for the same academic year?”) of the questionnaire when you start a new application.

Note: Each online application must be complete and stand on its own for presentation to its respective review committee. If accepted, an offer of admission is made to one genre only (i.e., Fiction OR Poetry).

Please be sure to read through the following pages:


¹Reapplying to the program? You’ll need to begin a brand new application (with new login credentials). GradWeb does not provide the ability to roll forward previous applications (including recommendations).

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