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Funding FAQs

What type of financial support or fellowships do you offer?

CRWR admits 10 graduate students annually. Each incoming student is offered a teaching appointment with a .49 Full-Time Equivalency (FTE). Referred to as Graduate Employees, each GE receives a full tuition waiver (covering resident or non-resident tuition, whichever is applicable), monthly stipend, and health coverage. (See also: Graduate School: Salary and Benefits.)

What does the teaching appointment involve?

In the first year, CRWR GEs teach one course per 11-week term (including finals) for a total of three courses. Courses assigned are either Introduction to Fiction, Introduction to Poetry, or a section of the Kidd Tutorials. No previous teaching experience is required; training is provided by the Program.

During the second year, MFA candidates typically receive an appointment teaching Composition in the English Department; one course per 11-week term (including finals) for a total of three courses. Eligibility to teach composition is dependent on successfully completing pedagogical courses offered by the English Department in the MFA student’s first year. (CRWR and ENG are separate units at the UO.)

What does the stipend cover?

The stipend is generally enough for the average single person to reasonably live on in the Eugene/Springfield area. The annual stipend for CRWR GEs is approximately $18,000. For more information, check out the Office of the Registrar’s webpage:

Is there any additional support to cover costs to enter contests, residencies/retreats, or travel?

CRWR does not cover submission fees; however, it does offer internal awards for MFA students that may be used to cover such expenses.

What other sorts of financial aid are available?

A limited number of fellowships, scholarships, and awards are available through the Graduate School. Other forms of financial aid are available through the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.


Does the program have any community outreach programs for MFA students?

Although such opportunities are sometimes available within the Eugene/Springfield community, CRWR does not currently offer any outreach programs or volunteer opportunities.

Are there any local literary festivals, a local art community, etc.?

There are a variety of local festivals (some of which are literary) in the Eugene/Springfield area; involvement with the local art community depends on the individual.

Are there study or teach abroad opportunities for MFA students?

There are currently no study or teach abroad opportunities offered by CRWR; however, there may be such opportunities offered through other UO units.

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