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Course Credits

Students accepted to the Kidd Tutorial Program register for CRWR 225 in the fall, and, as admitted, CRWR 235 (Poetry) or CRWR 245 (Fiction) in winter, and CRWR 335 (Poetry) or CRWR 345 (Fiction) in the spring. Kidd Tutorial students pursuing a minor in Creative Writing may use CRWR 225 and either CRWR 235 or 245 to fulfill the lower-division (introductory) minor requirements. Successful completion of CRWR 335 or 345 fulfills one of the 300-level (intermediate) minor course requirements.

For English majors, CRWR 335 or 345 will help fulfill English major upper-division elective credits. With the approval of the English Department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, CRWR 335 or 345 may also be accepted to fulfill one of the other requirements for the English Major.

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