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Degree Requirements

The creative writing minor offers courses in which students study matters of craft by reading and writing creative works, develop critical thinking and interpretive skills, hone their ability to articulate complex ideas with subtlety and clarity, and gain instruction in the mechanics of writing. Students must take courses for letter grades. Course work required for the minor must be passed with grades of B– or better.

Required course work: 24 credits (six 4-credit courses)

  •   8 credits in the lower division (two 4-credit courses) and
  • 16 credits in the upper division (four 4-credit courses)

Of the 24 required credits, a maximum of 8 credits at the 200 or 300 level may be transferred. All courses at the 400 level must be taken in residence at the UO.

Lower Division

Introductory:   Select two from one of the following:
(passed with a grade of B– or better)

Group 1

  • CRWR 230 Introduction to Poetry Writing (4 credits) and either
  • CRWR 240 Introduction to Fiction Writing (4 credits) or
    • CRWR 244 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction (4 credits)

Group 2

  • CRWR 225 Kidd Tutorial I¹ (4 credits) and either
  • CRWR 235 Kidd Tutorial II¹ – Poetry (4 credits) or
    • CRWR 245 Kidd Tutorial II¹ – Fiction (4 credits)

Upper Division

Intermediate:   Select two of the following:
(passed with a grade of B– or better)
See Course Schedule for 300-level course specific prerequisites.

  • CRWR 330 Intermediate Poetry Writing (R) (4 credits)
  • CRWR 335 Kidd Tutorial III¹ – Poetry (4 credits) or
    • CRWR 345 Kidd Tutorial III¹ – Fiction (4 credits)
  • CRWR 336 Intermediate Creative Nonfiction (R) (4 credits)
  • CRWR 340 Intermediate Fiction Writing (R) (4 credits)

Advanced:         Select two of the following:
(passed with a grade of B– or better)
See Course Schedule for 400-level course specific prerequisites.

  • CRWR 407 Seminar (R) (4 credits)
  • CRWR 413 Literature for Poets (R) (4 credits)
  • CRWR 414 Literature for Fiction Writers (R) (4 credits)
  • CRWR 435 Advanced Poetry Writing (R) (4 credits)
  • CRWR 445 Advanced Fiction Writing (R) (4 credits)


  1. To be eligible for the minor, students must complete all degree requirements and a major in another academic department.
  2. Questions regarding the minor should be addressed to the program director.
  3. Students experiencing difficulty with registration should contact the CRWR Business Manager.

¹ Nontransferable. Kidd Tutorial courses are by application only. For more information regarding the application season and process, visit the Kidd Tutorial Program.

(R) = Repeatable for credit.

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