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George Parks Hitchcock

  • 1914-2010

Born on June 2, 1914 in Hood River, OR, George Hitchcock was an alumnus of the University of Oregon, where he received his B.A. in 1935. Hitchcock was a poet, journalist, actor, labor organizer, painter, and noted editor of kayak, the iconoclastic literary magazine of the 60s.

“A kayak is not a galleon, ark, coracle or speedboat,” read the motto printed with each issue. “It is a small watertight vessel operated by a single oarsman. It is submersible, has sharply pointed ends, and is constructed of light poles and the skins of furry animals. It has never yet been successfully employed as a means of mass transport.”

George Hitchcock was a cavalier of life—warm-hearted, flamboyant, funny—and generous to three generations of younger writers and artists. He was a friend to our Program and will be sorely missed.

Read more –> In Memoriam – Hitchcock, George (PDF)

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