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Tina Mozelle Braziel Wins Philip Levine Prize for Poetry

01/2018 – Tina Mozelle Braziel (MFA Poetry ’13): Winner of the Philip Levine Prize for Poetry, Tina receives a prize of $2,000 and publication of her first full-length collection by Anhinga Press. Selected from among 867 manuscripts, Known by Salt received this notice from judge C. G. Hanzlicek:

“Tina Braziel’s Known by Salt is very much a book of celebrations. One arc of the book is the move from a life in trailer parks to a house that Tina and her husband build with their own hands, stud by stud, window by window. It is also a celebration of Alabama, with its forests, its rivers and lakes, and its creatures: snakes, deer, birds, lizards. Her observations are so keen — ‘herons lift their backward knees’ — that they make me laugh out loud in my own celebration. This attention to detail is what Roethke called long looking, and it is everywhere in these well-wrought poems.”


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